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Discover the best of the Laurentians, curated by your hostess Éliane. Taste our terroir, take a bike ride in the longest linear park in Canada, then laze in a Nordic bath. Our region is both a vast playground and a haven of tranquility.


pedestrian village

This ski resort welcomes you with newly updated mountain facilities and a European-style pedestrian village with world-class amenities, restaurants, boutiques and things to do.

Ski & Slopes

Spa Scandinave Tremblant

Traditional Scandinavian baths experience in a peaceful and natural environment that promotes well-being, tranquility and digital detox. The spa's rustic installations, nestled within the Laurentian forest and stretched along the shores of the Diable River will both relax and invigorate you, and provide an escape from the stress of daily life.

Beaches and water sports

Kanatha-Aki Experience

Kanatha-Aki is a philosophy that means "guardian of the boundless earth" in Algonquin. Take part in their winter and summer activities to get away and discover the most beautiful and wildest things that nature has to offer. Accompanied by a team of enthusiastic and professional people, they offer various customized packages that respect animals.

Hiking & biking

Tonga Lumina

Tonga Lumina is a sensory experience in the forest produced by Moment Factory. This 1.5-km night walk takes place on a stone dust and illuminated pathway at the heart of nature. To start off, visitors show up at the bottom of the Flying Mile chairlift that will take them up to the midway station where they will be led to the entrance of the trail. After taking visitors on a brief ascension, the trail slowly weaves its way down the hill through the woods, crosses streams and clearings. Participants can anticipate being on the pathway an average of one hour.

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