Rules & Manuals

Here you'll find the cottage rules, instruction manuals and general procedures. Make sure to read it before you arrive!

Arrival & Departure

Check in

Anytime after 2pm. You can enter by yourself, but can contact me if needed. The entrance door has a smart keypad. A personalized access code will be provided a few days before your arrival.

Check out

Before noon. It is your responsibility to maintain and leave the premises clean and in good condition. Before you leave, take out the trash, wash your dishes and leave the used beds undone.


100% of paid prepayments refundable when cancelled 5 days before arrival or earlier. if you have to cancel, contact me to see the options available to you.

Security Deposit

A refundable damage deposit of $600 is due at least 48 hours before your arrival (by Interac transfer or check). The amount is fully refundable upon check-out after inspection.

General Information

Cleaning & Sanitizing

The cleaning in between guests is carried out by a professional team. The products used to disinfect are safe and effective. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this matter.

Water Management

Tap water is drinkable and tested on a regular basis. You must use the water in an ecoresponsible way, avoiding to let it flow unnecessarily. In order to protect septic tank, do not throw anything other than toilet paper in the toilets and sinks.

Party, Guests & Smoking

No party will be tolerated. You can not receive surprise guests without prior agreement. At all times, you must not make excessive noise or create disturbances that could bother neighbors. Smoking is prohibited inside the house and gazebo.

Outdoor fire

You are only allowed to make a fire in the closed fireplace in its designated area. The fireplace must not be moved. You will have cut wood and firestarters available at the cottage. Cutting any tree from the yard is prohibited. You can buy additional logs at any grocery store in the area.


You can reach me between 9 am and 9 pm. For any vital emergency, call 911. A first aid kit is at your disposal in the half bath. Please always be extra careful when cooking with the gas range. The live flame can easily cause a fire.


The fire extinguisher is located in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. A carbon monoxide and natural gas detector, is plugged into a socket near the living room. Smoke detectors are installed on each floor and are checked on a yearly basis.

Parking & Snow Removal

You can park up to 6 cars in the driveway. A snow removal company will blow snow from the parking lot after a storm (more than 2 in. of snow). Two shovels will be at your disposal at the cottage to clear the emergency exits and around your cars.

Waste management

You must sort the waste that you generate in a responsible manner. No trash should be left outside. No waste should be thrown into sinks and toilets. The full recycling bags go in the GREEN bin outside. The filled garbage bags go in the BLACK bin outside.

Pet Policy

No fee

Your furry friends are welcomed at the cottage upon agreement. There is no additional fee, but guests must agree to take full responsibility and liability for any damage.


No pet is allowed on couches or beds. They must not be left unattended and loose in the cottage. If you are planning on leaving without your pet, don't forget to bring its crate!

Clean up

You must clean up after your pet and make sure it is clean and dry when inside. There are biodegradable bags and towels (the blue ones) at your disposition at the cottage.


When outside, it is your responsability to keep your pet on the property. Most of the trails that allow dogs requires that they stay on leash, so make sure to bring it!



The username and password will be provided to you at the cottage. The unlimited internet (wifi) is included in the rental. Its speed is 10 mbps, which is enough to browse the web and listen to movies on Netflix. If a signal interruption occurs, contact me.

Netflix (movies and series)

The Netflix app, already logged in, is available on each TV. To turn on the TV, press POWER on the TV remote. To select a movie or show, choose the Netflix app using the arrows on the remote. Then choose the GUESTS or KIDS profile.

Spotify (music)

The Spotify app, already logged in, is also available on TVs. Choose the Spotify app, select the CHÈVREFEUILLE account, and choose an artist, album, or playlist. It is possible, however, that the suggestions will be related to selections made by previous guests!

Bluetooth speaker

Connect your phone, tablet or computer. Press on the big round button. While the green light is flashing, choose "eneby20" in your Bluetooth preferences. Login to your personal music account and enjoy! You can unplug the speaker to bring it outside in the summer.

Gas Stove

To use the stove top, turn the ignition knob until you hear clicks. The burner should light automatically. Then turn the knob to adjust the flame to the desired intensity. To use the oven, press the BAKE button, choose the temperature in Fahrenheit, then press START. Don't forget to turn it off!

Gas Fireplace

To activate the remote, press anywhere on the screen. To turn on the fireplace, press FLAME ON. Be patient, it can take a few seconds. Manage the flame height (and heat) in FLAME HEIGHT. *** Do not forget to close the fireplace, FLAME OFF, as soon as you have finished using it ***


Empty the remaining food into the compost or trash can. Rinse dishes quickly, then place them in the dishwasher. Insert a soap tablet (the ones under the sink) into the door compartment. Choose the operating modes, then press START.

Washer & Dryer

Washing machine: Add a small amount of soap in the machine, directly in the bin. Add your clothes and close the cover. Pull and turn the knob until you reach the mode you prefer. Push the knob to start. Dryer: Put a dryer sheet (if needed) and add your clothes. Select the mode and push the button.